Jan’s Patchwork Corner is a series of workshop videos about intermediate-to-advanced synthesizer programming and synth-based sound design. In every episode, composer and sound designer Jan Morgenstern takes a deep dive into one of his patches ­– either from his commercial soundsets or from a music production – and breaks it down into its essential components. He describes the thought process that went into every design decision and explains how everything comes together to achieve the sound he’s looking for, all interspersed with lots of nuggets of synthesis technique and theory knowledge.

New episodes will appear at irregular intervals; follow us on YouTube to make sure you won’t miss any of them. In addition, every episode will appear on this page.

#3: Warm Fuzzy Snuggle Blanket Pt. 3

The conclusion of the “synth pad” epic miniseries sees Jan put the cherry on top of his patch with a layer of dazzling aleatoric “fairy dust”. As usual, the path to achieving that sound is ripe with interesting tidbits on synth programming and sound design, and also serves as a good opportunity to go into some depth on Jan’s approach to mapping out more complex sounds.

Original release date: 2023-04-27

#2: Warm Fuzzy Snuggle Blanket Pt. 2

In the second episode of his synth masterclass, Jan puts finishing touches to the foundation of his pad sound, talks in depth about effects and what they can do for your patches, and explores some swirly haze.

Original release date: 2022-12-27

#1: Warm Fuzzy Snuggle Blanket Pt. 1

In the pilot episode, Jan explores the tricks and tools to create the softest, lushest, and most velvety synth pad sound this side of the spa music trench using his trusty desert island synth, Zebra.

Original release date: 2022-12-13

#0: Announcement

Jan announces the Patchwork Corner and goes into a bit of detail on the whole motivation and concept behind the series. Watch this if you’re curious about the what, how & why.

Original release date: 2022-12-06