Privacy Policy

Last update: February 25th, 2021.

Treeswift Audio (“we”, “our” for the purpose of this document) takes the protection of your personal information very seriously and will only ask you to disclose it where strictly necessary in order to provide our services. In this document, we will set out where and how we collect your data, our reasons for doing so, how we make sure your personal information stays protected, and how you can request access to your personal information stored by us or instruct us to correct or delete it.

Responsible Entity

As the proprietor and operator of Treeswift Audio, the responsible entity with regards to the General Data Protection Regulation and any other data protection laws and regulations is:

Jan Morgenstern | Composer for Media
Einemhofer Weg 1
21394 Westergellersen

VAT ID: DE220506178

Email: gdpr (at)
Phone: +49 – 41 35 – 2 14 14 80 (administrative contact; no product support)

Types of Data Collected

1. Data Collected for the Purpose of Hosting this Website

1.1 Cookies

During your visit on, our webserver is sending cookies for storage and later retrieval to and from your browser that lets our system uniquely recognize your browsing session. This way, it can identify your session across multiple web requests and identify you as a return customer. They also help us analyze how visitors are using our services, and maintain and optimize the operation of our website.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. The data in these text files is not associated with your personal information (such as your name or address), and will not be stored together with any such information. In addition, we take technical precautions to pseudonymize any cookie data that we store on our systems in order to make it impossible to associate it with your identity at a later point.

Most web browsers accept cookies by default; you can change this behavior in the security settings of your browser, and also delete any cookies stored at an earlier point manually or automatically. Many browsers provide a setting that will delete all cookies from a website at the end of your visit or your browsing session regardless of their expiry date, or reject cookies entirely. Please be aware that in the latter case, you might lose access to certain features of our website that rely on cookies or experience other technical difficulties, so we recommend keeping session cookies activated.

In some cases, third-party websites that provide content and functionality embedded in our website (such as the websites hosting our embedded videos or providing our web shop functionality) might store and retrieve cookies on their own. These so-called “third-party cookies”, i.e. cookies that don’t originate from the domain you’re currently visiting, are subject to the respective parties’ own privacy policies; please consult these to find out which kinds of data are collected and how it is being used. We don’t allow any third parties to associate these cookies with personal information we collect. Many web browsers offer a setting to specifically reject third-party cookies; consult the security settings of your browser if you want to do so. You can find a complete list of third parties that supply content embedded in our website in section 3. of this document.

1.2 Server Log Files

When you use our website, our web server acquires a number of technical details pertaining to the request received from your device for the duration of the session in order to function correctly. In addition, we are temporarily storing the following details in a log file:

Some of these details, such as your IP address, can be used to indirectly identify you. Storing this data is essential for us to continuously analyze and optimize the operation of our service, improve our website, and safeguard the security of our IT systems. We are not storing this information together with any of your personal data, do not share any aspect of it with third parties, and will delete all parts of it that make you potentially personally identifiable, including your IP address, after no more than 6 months following its acquisition.

1.3 Contact Form Data

Our website includes multiple contact forms that you can use to contact us electronically. If you decide to do so, we ask you to provide your name and email address along with your inquiry. We only store and use this information in order to reply to your inquiry, and will never share it with third parties or use it for any other purpose than communicating with you. In addition, your IP address, as well as the date and time of the submission, will be stored by us in order to safeguard the security of our IT systems. We will keep this data until your conversation with us is resolved and closed. Alternatively, you can withdraw your consent to our processing and storage of your personal data at any point; in such a case, we will immediately delete any of your personal data stored on our systems. Please note that in this case, we cannot continue our conversation with you. In order to revoke your consent, send us a note via email to gdpr (at), or via postal mail to the address specified at the top of this document.

1.4 Newsletter

We maintain a subscription newsletter that keeps interested users informed about our products and services. You can register for this newsletter by entering your personal information into the input form in the “Subscribe” section of our website, or by opting to do so when you use our contact or ordering forms. We process and store the data that you enter into this form on our computers, along with the IP address of your device and the date and time for your request. We use this data exclusively for the purpose of sending out our newsletter and maintaining your subscription, and will never share it with third parties. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using the “unsubscribe” link that you can find in every newsletter email that you receive from us; if you choose to do so, we will immediately delete all data pertaining to your subscription as specified above from our systems.

2. Data Collected During the Ordering Process

We delegate the processing and fulfillment of product orders from our website to FastSpring, which acts as a seller and merchant of record for our products and is an e-commerce solutions provider operated by Bright Market LLC, 801 Garden St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA.

When you place an order for any of our products on our website, you will be asked to enter certain personal information into a secure FastSpring window embedded on our website. This data is required by FastSpring to process your order and payment, and deliver the product to you as a download. The handling and storage of this data is subject to FastSpring’s own privacy policy. In addition, some of the details of your transaction will be shared back by FastSpring to us and stored on our computers to allow us to register your purchase, keep track of licenses, provide you with technical support and after-sales service, and grant you access to updates. This data is essential for providing our services to you.

3. Data Collected by Third Parties Through Embedded Content

Some of the content offered on may be hosted on external servers operated by third parties and embedded on our website. As part of this process, these third-party providers may collect, process and store information related to your access of this content. The handling of this information is subject to the respective third party’s own privacy policy. In this section, we provide a list of all parties that host embedded content on our website.

Your Rights

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to request information about which of your personal data is being processed by us and for which purposes, and whether this data is being shared with any third parties. Furthermore, you have the right to correction and/or completion in case the data concerning you is incorrect or incomplete, as well as the right to request immediate deletion of all personal data concerning you in cases where the data in question is no longer required for the purposes for which it has been collected, you revoke your consent to its processing and there is no other legal basis to its processing, or you believe it has been processed unlawfully. In order to request access, correction, completion or deletion of your personal data, contact us via email at gdpr (at) or via postal mail to the address listed at the top of this document.