Watch a quick introduction and overview of Zebra Elementals: ISLA and its contents.

Spring of Inspiration

The common thread among the 120 instruments that you’ll find in Zebra Elementals: ISLA is that they’re all inspired by water. Carefully crafted exclusively for the excellent and powerful software synthesizer u-he™ Zebra2, we’re confident this collection will quickly become an indispensable well of creativity for your music.

Check out our demo tracks, which have been produced exclusively from Zebra Elements: ISLA content with no external sounds or effects used:

“Call of ISLA” by Jan Morgenstern (MP3)
“The Lighthouse” by Jan Morgenstern (MP3)

Liquid Sonics

For some of the contained sounds, the water association is quite literal; you’ll come across a wide variety of iridescent streams, waves and drips, artfully interwoven with tonal elements. For most of the patches, though, it is more of an abstract theme. These are all sounds that have some kind of fluid quality to them; in their sound, in the way they ebb and flow, and in how they respond to your playing.

Watch an in-depth walkthrough of some of the contained instruments.

From Raindrops to Oceans

Designed by composer and sound designer Jan Morgenstern, the collection spans a wide range of sound categories: You’ll find soaring lead sounds, sparkling bells and mallet instruments, lush and shimmering pads, powerful drones, vibrant and magical textures, sequences, arpeggios, a variety of drums and percussion instruments, and not least an assortment of highly original and flexible sound effects and ambiences.

Zebra Sound Shaping & Metadata

Shape of Water

All patches are designed to make extensive use of Zebra’s real-time sound shaping capabilities via a number of controllers as well as Zebra’s performance pads. This way, you can morph each instrument’s sonic qualities into a myriad different variations at the turn of a knob and easily tailor it to your specific needs. Of course, the library also comes fully categorized, tagged, and described with metadata, so you can quickly find the sound you’re looking for.

Make a Splash!

Zebra Elementals: ISLA is a genuine work of love and the result of many months of obsessive development and fine-tuning, and we’re confident that you’ll get as much joy, inspiration and “ah-hah!” moments out of it as we’ve put into its making.

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