Watch a quick introduction and overview of Zebra Elementals: AERA and its contents.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The second chapter in our acclaimed series of unique and organic sounds inspired by the elements, Zebra Elementals: AERA, is a collection of 120 presets for u-he™ Zebra2 built around the theme of air in all its forms. With its convincing solo instruments, evocative ambiences and vibrant textures, the library continues the tradition of “secret spice rack” soundsets that we started in 2021 with Zebra Elementals: ISLA.

New Horizons

Created over the span of more than a year by award-winning composer and sound designer Jan Morgenstern, this library breaks new grounds (and skies) in making complex modular synthesis structures intuitive, inspiring, and fun to play and explore. The sounds cover a vast spectrum of different areas, styles, and techniques; what they all have in common are their origins in the ideas of air, wind, clouds, flight, voices and breathing, as well as an obsessive attention to detail in programming, playability, and real-time performance features.

Watch an in-depth walkthrough of some of the contained instruments.

From Breezes to Gusts to Hurricanes

As you explore Zebra Elementals: AERA, you’ll come across remarkable simulations of wind, brass, and pipe instruments that make full use of Zebra’s physical modelling capabilities. But these are just the beginning: Unique and fantastical hybrid sounds, heavenly pads, haunting voices and choirs, vivid animated textures, striking percussion instruments and patterns, and highly customizable sound effects and ambiences round out the collection and turn it into a treasure trove for cinematic scoring as well as modern pop and electronica production.

Zebra Elementals: AERA Package

Sails to the Wind!

The creation of Zebra Elementals: AERA has been a real passion project, and we’re thrilled that we finally get to share the results with you. Whether you’re a composer on the lookout for inspiration catalysts, or a producer searching for unique and striking sounds that keep your audience on the edge of their seats: We’re confident that this soundset will quickly become a mainstay in your arsenal.

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ISLA + AERA Bundle Offer

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