Sounds for Synths and Samplers. Artfully Crafted. Infinitely Inspiring.

Treeswift Audio was established in 2020 by award-winning media composer and sound designer, Jan Morgenstern. Jan has been around music technology for most of his life, and at some point noticed that no matter whether he’d be playing vintage keyboards from the 1970s or hyper-slick software synths from recent years, there’d always be a few dozen truly universal sounds across all of them that seemed to transcend the technological course of time and had a way of sneaking their way into his music again and again.

Jan MorgensternYou know them, too: These sounds that, whenever you put them to work in an arrangement, don’t immediately paint you into a compositional (or historical) corner, but more often than not seem to unlock a dozen new possible paths waiting for you to explore. Sounds that don’t bashfully try to hide the technical foundations on which they’re built, but instead play to those foundations’ strengths so naturally that they feel like a self-evident realization thereof. Sounds that, therefore, instantly become more than “that one bell patch” and join the ensemble of instruments with the near-infinite musical potential that we associate with a piano, a violin, or the human voice.

We consider it our mission to bring you these timeless sounds that keep surprising you, keep inviting you to play, and keep encouraging you to walk down new paths in your writing. We have little interest in playing to short-lived trends, and we won’t try to woo you with the promise of instant cinematic epic-ness or one-button dancefloor domination. We’d much rather our sounds become a fixture in your secret spice rack – the stuff that you’ll want to reach for again and again when you feel like your music needs that special “zing” that keeps your creativity in flow and your audience on their toes.